No More Tolls!

Thursday May 23rd marked the last day that tolls would be required to cross the bridge to the beach on the Foley Beach Express! The state of Alabama officially purchased the bridge from the Baldwin County Bridge Company for $57 million and dropped the tolls. Vacationers and (most) locals are happy to see the toll disappear. This comes not too long after toll fees were raised to $5 minimum one-way for those without a “freedom pass”.

“It’s historic because the last time there was a toll removed in Alabama was back in 1973,” said James Gordon with ALDOT.

Gov. Ivey says that the transfer will help accommodate the growth in traffic to Alabama’s beaches. “Our coast continues to experience rapid growth and success,” she said. “We are making the needed infrastructure improvements in the area that will help alleviate traffic congestion by Alabamians and others visiting our beaches. I’m proud of the significant progress we’re making on infrastructure projects. In fact, we’re making so much headway down here that I think folks in other parts of the state are taking notice. It took a lot of teamwork to get us to this point today and I know we’re all excited to officially put pen to paper and make this purchase official,” Ivey added.

The state will take control of the Foley Beach Express to I-10 and will make the road part of Hwy. 161.