Condo Listings For Sale In Edgewater West

Edgewater Condo is an exceptional residential complex that provides a fantastic opportunity to become a property owner in Gulf Shores, Alabama without breaking the bank. This condominium offers a more economical alternative to the adjacent condos while still providing all the essential amenities.

With the tourism market in Gulf Shores soaring, every condo in the area is booked solid through the summer months and even during the winter season with the arrival of the “Snow Birds.” The location of Edgewater Condo in central Gulf Shores makes it an ideal spot for those looking to be close to the area’s attractions. Gulf Shores Hangout and many other popular destinations are within walking distance, allowing residents to fully enjoy all the excitement that the Gulf Shores community has to offer.

Edgewater Condo is an affordable yet desirable choice for those who want to own property in Gulf Shores. With a prime location, essential amenities, and close proximity to the area’s popular destinations, this is the perfect place to call home for anyone looking to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Gulf Shores without breaking the bank.

Edgewater West's Listings